‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Why Niantic Shut Down PokeVision and Other Tracking Sites

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 06, 2016 06:36 AM EDT

Many "Pokemon GO" players were furious and are asking for refunds from Apple's App Store and Google Play Store after the latest update of the game, saying that the latest update is now different from how the game is usually played. It has removed the ability for the players to track nearby Pokemon.

Niantic Labs, the "Pokemon GO" game developer, posted an update on July 31 stating that the game will going to disable the in-game tracking system which is used to locate Pokémon in the area. The "Nearby" feature originally presents a list of Pokemon in the area that includes a compass pointing in the direction and a number of steps indicating how far a Pokemon is from the player.

However, the feature was removed just weeks after the game was launched, and many players have been complaining about this ever since. In an interview by Forbes with the Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, he already hinted that the popular in-game tracking device will no longer work in the coming days.

Real Reason For Removing Tracking Sites

Developer Niantic Labs has announced in their blog the real reason why they have to put down all "Pokemon GO" tracking sites. Although he said that positive feedbacks coming from the players around the world motivate them to keep on working hard to support the hit game, he added that the main challenge for them are those third parties who are said to attempt on accessing their servers in many ways outside of the game.

More are added to their blocked list as there are still trying to attempt to access their servers. On the same blog post by Niantic, they shared a chart which shows the huge drop in server resources consumed after they blocked those scrapers. It helped them proceed to their launch in Latin America.

The said post also emphasizes other issues, which includes some players cheating and attempting to break into their system. But despite this, they clearly stated that they will still continue to take action on maintaining the stability and integrity of the game and they are looking forward on getting the game stable to begin on working for new features.

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