PS Vita 3.61 Patch Updates: HENKaku Hack Gone; How To Run Homebrew Software, Emulators Again

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 10, 2016 11:14 AM EDT

A new PS Vita update by Sony recently fixed the HENKaku hack completely. However, gamers were advised not to install the 3.61 update to continue enjoying homebrew apps and emulators on their PS Vita. Players can opt to downgrade and keep themselves from removing the HENKaku hack.

Many PS Vita players automatically received the 3.61 update on their devices to discover that they can no longer use homebrew apps, which was previously unlocked by HENKaku. Reddit users began to formulate ways to continue using the hack and run homebrew games on their units. It was revealed that PS Vita players can choose to manually update their device so that the HENKaku update is functional. Those who automatically received the 3.61 update can delete it and manually downgrade back to 3.60.

The Bitbag explained that PS Vita update 3.60 can be downloaded from reliable sources online. After players receive the firmware, they must change the name of the file to PSP2UPDAT.PUP and then copy the file to the PSV Update folder in their PC. Next, they have to download a Github file. Gamers should put their PS Vita in airplane mode and restart. After linking the device to the PC, start QCMA and update the PS Vita firmware by heading to Settings and then Update.

Slashdot revealed that HENKaku is a jailbreak that hacked PS Vita, subsequently letting players install homebrew software and emulators. The hack created by Team Molecule worked on the PS Vita 3.60 update, players who visit the website will have the code injected into their handheld device, unlocking the hardware and taking out the file system from its protective sandbox. Players can then access the file system and the PS Vita memory card via FTP, including the ability to overclock the processor. Homebrew developers can then create and introduce their own games on PS Vita without coursing through official channels.

Blocked games can then be played on PS Vita, although these may be deemed inappropriate by authorized gaming bodies. Sony also warned PS Vita players that the use of hacks like HENKaku may result to their account getting banned from Sony.

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