'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Delayed Global Release Caused Tracking Apps Removal? More Game Details Here!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Aug 12, 2016 10:43 AM EDT

Niantic had an announcement saying that the world release of the augmented reality game "Pokemon Go" is the reason why tracking apps had been banned. According to John Hanke, the company has been put on a situation where Niantic cannot easily recover from the increasing demand of the game. The company further explained that running "Pokemon Go" in a global scale is challenging.

According in a report from The Independent, Niantic had no other way to shut down third party tools. So, the game developer had recently rolled out an update. The most-recent upgrade had killed the "Pokemon Go" tracker apps being used in playing the game and prevent other third party tools to access it.

As a result, many angry "Pokemon Go" players have issued complaints and threats against Niantic. Others even asked for refunds of the money that have spent while playing "Pokemon Go," while some players have expressed that they are quitting the game.

Meanwhile, Niantic started a public relation campaign to contain the outrages and damages caused by the recent "Pokemon Go" update. The reason Niantic did this is to make sure third party apps could no longer be used in cheating, which significantly affects the gameplay in general.

Additionally, the "Pokemon Go" latest rollout is being delayed by Niantic to make sure that their servers can take the load while players enjoy playing the game. However, this strategy has prevented other players in some parts of the world from playing the "Pokemon Go" game.

According to Niantic, sites like Pokevision that uses the company's servers in order to cheat in "Pokemon Go" and find where pokemons are located, are now inapplicable to the game. For more "Pokemon Go" news and updates, stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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