‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News, Release Date & Update: Region-exclusive, More Evolutions in version two

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 13, 2016 02:59 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” continues to take the world by storm with most players trying to be the next one to collect all characters.

As previously reported, Nick Johnson was the first one to catch them all. But that was done thanks to some support from a company called Expedia. Hence, the race now is how other "Pokemon Go" players can do it without third-party help. .

Regardless, Niantic isn’t going to wait for others to follow in Johnson’s footsteps. In fact there is already a “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 reportedly on the verge of releaseLike most games, “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 will carry improvements such as more pocket monsters while current ones captures (or yet to be captured) will be up for further evolution.

More region-locked Pokemon in Gen 2

Of the new features that “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 will offer, it looks like the region-exclusive Pokemon characters, something shaping up to be interesting. To date there are four region-locked characters such as “Mime” (Europe), “Tauros” (North America), “Kangaskhan” (Australia) and “Farfetch’d” (Asia).

Of the characters mentioned, it may be worth noting that these one are from the “Kanto” region. The word around is that the new Pokemon in the mix will be from the “Johto” region.

If so, this means that some notable characters from “Pokemon Gold”, “Pokemon Silver” and “Pokemon Crystal” will be injected into the version 2. To date, “Pokemon Go” addicts are already making their predictions. Some believe that characters like “Miltank” (North America), “Heracross” (Asia), “Smeargle” and “Delibird” (South America) are the ones Niantic will be adding soon as indicated.

Patches for “Pokemon Go”

While the excitement of “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 is something to look forward to, there is the present version to attend to for now. Apparently Niantic will not be moving on and leave it unattended with scheduled patches lined up for release, per Pokemon Go Hub.

The first one is “Pokemon Go” Trading for October, 2016 and the other is “Pokemon Go” Trainer Battles either on December, 2016 or January, 2017. Once these are out, “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 is set for May, 2017.

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