'God of War' 4 Release Date & Latest News: Gamescom 2016 Appearance Not Happening? Latest Release Humanizes Kratos

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 14, 2016 12:58 PM EDT

Recent talks circulated that "God of War 4" may not be in Gamescom 2016. The main character Kratos may become human again in the next chapter.

"God of War 4" by Sony Santa Monica is expected to be as exciting and dynamic as its predecessors. Kratos may be taught how to become human again. Cory Barlog, creative director of "God of War 4," shared that the motive in the upcoming game features the personal journey of Kratos and his son and the learnings between them. The son learns from Kratos the essential things about being a Norse god. Kratos also learns from his son how to become human again.

Digital Trends cited Barlog in saying that Kratos in "God of War 4" will still be in a rage most of the time, although he will also show some level of awareness and control. Kratos learned how to control his anger more while he was away from people. The gameplay in "God of War 4" will feature re-playable sequences. Barlog explained that "God of War 4" is his attempt to relive his work with "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night."

He realized that re-playability could be a good factor to include in story-driven titles. The game will be open-world survival where the characters will live in a world with very real gods and monsters. Barlog and his team wanted to introduce a world where players can truly explore and immerse in the plot.

GameRant mentioned that "God of War 4" will have about 100 hours of gameplay, with special tasks that will eventually lead to special gear and weapons. These items can subsequently be used when gamers replay "God of War 4." Barlog also said that a number of games like "The Last of Us" and "Resident Evil 4" helped him shape "God of War 4." There were also plenty of films that served as inspirations during development.

Sony will not be part of GamesCom 2016, which means that fans will not get details about "God of War 4" at the event. The new game will most likely launch in the holiday season of 2017. More updates and details on "God of War 4" are expected soon.

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