'No Man's Sky' Experimental PC Patch Release Date & Latest News: Performance Issues, Crashes, Glitches Fixed

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 16, 2016 09:15 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky" launched on Aug. 9, 2016 and, as expected, comes with a number of bugs that are bound to be addressed. Hello Games is currently working on known and reported issues in performance and gameplay.

Studio head Sean Murray posted that they are tracking various issues, crashes and bugs that are being reported by "No Man's Sky" players and that they are working to resolve these as quickly as possible. They are reportedly busy adapting to the situation after being overwhelmed by several "No Man's Sky" players and lengthy play sessions.

Polygon revealed that Hello Games will provide a "No Man's Sky" patch in the near future that will resolve the most critical issues. Murray did not specify the issues that will be addressed in the new update and whether players can expect previously promised features like base building and freighter owning. Hello Games stated that they cannot provide an ETA on the PlayStation 4 patch of "No Man's Sky" at the moment, because they are still focused to acquire the PC release live.

Later in August 2016, Hello Games will change to a ticketed support system to tackle all the problems that "No Man's Sky" gamers have been citing. Hello Games has come up with its own quality assurance team which will support the QA operation of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In the meantime, Murray offered a number of helpful tips for "No Man's Sky" players to resolve certain issues. Some players were frustrated about the issue involving the pre-order bonus for "No Man's Sky," where many were left stranded for failing to obtain an important blueprint in the game.

International Business Times stated that although still in the beta stage, the first post-launch patch for "No Man's Sky" will become available for all players later in August 2016. They have already made it available in "Experimental," a new Steam branch. They have reportedly solved various issues among players who were transferred to the branch.

Some of the major problems that were fixed include the Alt-Tab issue, shader caching, mouse jitter, AMD Phenom support, performance, Intel GPU, Gsync disabling and Max FPS cap. "No Man's Sky" is currently available for PlayStation and PC.

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