'No Man's Sky' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Play The Game Better

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Aug 16, 2016 12:33 PM EDT

Players can get pretty hyped for "No Man's Sky" when they first boot the game up, but then they'll find that exploration in the game can be a pretty tedious task. The procedurally-generated universe is an exciting concept on paper, but the randomness can make it a chore.

"No Man's Sky" does have a bunch of glitches, bugs, and cheats that players can use to jog the experience along. Here are a few tricks rounded up by The Bitbag:

Climb cliffs easily with your jetpack

It's weird, but the jetpack in "No Man's Sky" allows you to jump cliffs from the base without wasting a drop of jetpack fuel. All you have to do is walk up to the face of the cliff, and hit your jetpack. For some reason, it won't use up any fuel at all.

Make note of in-demand resources

The marketplace in "No Man's Sky" is pretty dynamic, and you can easily track with resources are in high demand at any given time. Just see which elements have a star next to them, and make a beeline for them when you visit a new planet.

How to walk faster

It's possible to walk faster in "No Man's Sky" by making use of the jetpack, once again. Hit the melee attack button so you get propelled forward a bit. Time a jetpack launch right in the middle of this melee attack motion—once you're up in the air, keep pushing the jetpack button in a rhymthic way so you can glide along the terrain. This will use up your jetpack fuel, though, so be careful. If you run out of fuel while being up too high, you can take fall damage.

Shave time with shortcuts

"No Man's Sky" just seems to be a game that isn't built to maximize time. You're going to have to find a lot of shortcuts to get around the planets and galaxies faster. When you're on a planet, you'd do best to avoid NPCs and opponents that you'd rather not waste time battling. And if you're ever stuck in a remote area on a planet—or just too lazy to walk back over where you parked your ship, you can use bypass chips that will let you call your ship automatically from the outpost it's in.

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