'Battlefield 1' Released Date, News & Updates: Gamemode, Maps & Vehicles Revealed, New Playable Female Character?

By Anne Caballo , Updated Aug 17, 2016 03:12 AM EDT

"Battlefield 1" is one of the most anticipated games that is said to be introduced in Gamescom 2016. This game has a World War 1 setting that hooked so many gamers. The game is now expected to have more new features on their release.

'Battlefield 1' Gameplay

"Battlefield 1" is a realistic war game that brings gamers all the way to the World War 1. According to Eurogamer, gamers should expect a slower gameplay especially during crossing trenches, mud and making your way out of those barbed wires. 

Loyal gamers of "Battlefield 1" can still expect those air and land combat. New elements will also be introduced like those grenades that contain chemicals and explode into flame and mustard gas.

The E3 gameplay trailer also hints a significant influence of long-range artillery. The game "Battlefield 1" can surely brings you back to the past.

'Battlefield 1' Game Modes

On the same article, it said that there are game modes returning on "Battlefield 1" game. Rush, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Air Superiority and Domination will be available in the upcoming game.

'Battlefield 1' Maps and Vehicles

The game "Battlefield 1" is said to have ten places in multiplayer's game mode. This includes Amiens, St. Quentin Scar, Empire'e Edge (Italian Coast), Monte Grappa (Mountain Fort) and Sinai Desert which was already released in the "Battlefield 1" official site. The additional maps are said to be a Chateau, Fao Fortress, a Forest, Argonne and Suez which will be revealed sooner. The only known vehicle so far for "Battelfield 1" is the German Mark V Landship, British FT-17 Light Tank, A7V Heavy Tank, an Armoured Car and Behemoth - Airship which was shown on the alpha video.

'Battlefield 1' Playable Female Characters?

Eurogamer also added that there will be no female characters playable on multiplayer but there will be at least one female character on single campaign but in a form of Bedouin soldier according to the "Battlefield 1" game director Lars Gustavsson.

"Battlefield 1" is set to be released October 21 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.  

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