'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Updates: Know What Your Character Looks Like

By Staff Reporter , Updated Aug 17, 2016 03:16 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky" gamers are now trying to find ways to connect to one another. But unfortunately, there are said to be features in the game's multiplayer that could dismay gamers if ever they will succeed in meeting each other on the game.

A Youtuber Hugo Peters has recently posted a video showing an actual character model for the intention of showing what the characters really looks like in the game "No Man's Sky." The character model is said to be the gamer's character avatar.

Basing on the said video, the model shown does not seem to fit the "No Man's Sky" art style. The model is in solid green color and is said to be the initial sample character model of the Hello Games when "No Man's Sky" was still under developing.

As of now, the game developers of "No Man's Sky" are not concentrating on the appearance of the player's characters which is why there are less customization feature. They are said to also have some conflicts in choosing the race for the character which makes the game impossible to make.

According to an article, Hello Games is said to remove the race selection to fit in the story of the game. Hello Games should probably take their time on having a multiplayer feature.

Current features of "No Man's Sky" somehow discourage a multiplayer game as for example, if a player pauses his game this means that world around you will also stop which is very disapproving for multiplayers

"No Man's Sky" multiplyer game can only happen if they develope a soft pause for system and not a world pause.

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