WWE 2K17 Latest News, Release Date & Update: First Glimpse Of Backstage Brawls, Ladder Matches Here! [VIDEO]

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 18, 2016 07:24 AM EDT

WWE 2K17 continues to delve into game specifics following weeks of revelations touching the WWE stars appearing for the game.

With SummerSlam happening this weekend, expect WWE 2K17 to be mentioned ever so often. Outside the event, there will be special sessions. As mentioned in a previous report, Bill Goldberg will be in Brooklyn to help promote the game.

The characters appearing have been revealed though 2K has a lot of ground to cover. The latest update of stars included “Booker T”, “The Bella Twins” (Nikki and Brie), “Chris Jericho” and the “Usos” (Jimmy and Jey) among others.

WWE 2K16 came out with an initial list of 120 characters and the successor is likely to at least offer the same. Additional personalities are likely to come through DLCs.

The new features and modes

Other than the characters appearing, equally important are the matches to look forward to. IGN provides gamers a glimpse of the matches to expect such as ladder matches and backstage brawls.

Similar to how the WWE shows hold it, the overall impression rendered by executive producer Mark Little on the upcoming game has all the more gotten gamers excited.

The matches will not be a simple hit and miss like old versions. WWE 2K17 will employ some tweaks that places it close to how the matches go during live WWE shows.

It’s all about timing and execution

Hence, expect stuff like counters and timely clicks on finishers to be made. It may sound hard but addresses player complaints of the game being made to easy and predictable.

The addition of ladder matches and brawls should keep WWE 2K17 gamers busy. Paired with high resolution graphics and proper tactics to conquer challenges (whichever character your may opt to use), WWE 2K17 is shaping up to be blockbuster game so far.

WWE 2K17 is expected to roll out on Oct. 11 which is still a long way off. Hence, expect more updates on the game in the coming weeks, a lot of which is expected at WWE SummerSlam happening this weekend.

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