Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Over 230 Games Now Available; Microsoft Seeing Future Without Consoles

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Aug 19, 2016 07:35 AM EDT

With Gamescom 2016 currently underway, Xbox One fans are patiently waiting for any word from Microsoft about the backwards compatibility of a lot of the games currently playable with the console, but not on the Xbox 360. Some titles have already been added to the list, as Pi Studios' 2010 game "Bomberman Live: Battlefest" is now compatible with Xbox One.

According to Gamespot, Xbox One has been supporting backwards compatibility since November last year, and Microsoft admitted that it's been a step towards the right direction. They have even logged 145 million hours of Xbox 360 games played on Xbox One.

Speaking of consoles, Microsoft has made a victory against Sony in July, as the company's Xbox One had outsold PlayStation. While it's a small feat considering that PlayStation sold over 40 million units and the Microsoft counterpart had only sold 22 million, it doesn't seem to bother the company at all. The reason behind this is because Microsoft is actually seeing a future without consoles.

Engadget spoke with Microsoft's Head of XBox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg ahead of the highly anticipated launch of Project Scorpio, and surprisingly, he believes in a gaming landscape that merges PC and console gaming, resulting to a future without consoles.

Greenberg explained that the company would rather see a consistent catalogue of hardware innovations than iteration after iteration of consoles. He said that, "We think the future is without console generations," and that Project Scorpio is where it will all end. He further explained that the success of Project Scorpio will highly depend on the games and content, but as far as hardware is concerned, he's confident because of the feedback they have received so far.

Microsoft has already hinted at the convergence of console and PC gaming when they debuted Xbox Play Anywhere during this year's E3. This is the new direction the company is setting sail towards, and it remains to be seen whether or not gamers will embrace it. Project Scorpio is still pending a release date, while Xbox One S in 2TB has been released, pending the arrival of its 500GB and 1TB counterparts.

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