‘No Man’s Sky' Tips & Tricks: What Every Beginner Should Know; Tips for Successful Game Start

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 20, 2016 08:34 AM EDT

"No Man's Sky," the newest survival game to come out this month, has been the talk among avid gamers because it is unique and offers interesting gameplay. However, it instantly drew a lot of negative feedback because it is mired with bugs which make it impossible to enjoy and play the game properly.

The good thing is that, the people behind "No Man's Sky" were quick to address the issues and the first patch notes were immediately published to fix the issues. As reported by Game & Guide, Hello Games released the Experimental Patch to provide fixes that will improve the gameplay.

Now, since "No Man's Sky" is relatively new, there are a few things that novice players should know in order to achieve the goal of the game. With the overwhelming size and scope of the universe that needed to be explored, some tips would definitely help.

As a "No Man's Sky" player, you can go around and discover many things around the planet. As much as you can, hop from one planet to another because this will help you learn more about the game and collect the materials you need to reach the center of the universe.

Likewise, acquire knowledge on building your craft properly, gather Heredium, discover new planets and species through exploration. Of course, the most important thing is to know the tricks for surviving the harsh environment of most uninhibited planets. Here are few more tips that will help you start the game and progress smoothly as you play:

Firstly, use the scanner to locate important starter materials such as Heridium. Secondly, at the start of the game, pick an empty slot and turn Iron into Carite sheets which are necessary for the repair of your spaceship.

Third, create Atlas Passes that will let you gain access to vast number of locked doors. According to IGN, this pass comes in three different kinds which are Atlas Pass v3, v2, and v1. The V1 can be made by learning the formula after visiting Atlas Station for the first time.

Next, one of the first things that novice players should do is to find the powerful element called Thamium9. In "No Man's Sky," this is used for mining tools and weapons. It is also for crafting life support gadgets and the Starship's hyperdrive.

Most importantly, this is the only power source of the Pulse Engine. Take note that, finding it is easy, a long as you keep moving and exploring the space universe.

Also, make sure to have Plutonium in your items list because you can use this for recharging tools or earning money by selling them. Another way to earn money is by renaming planets and this can be done by opening the Discoveries menu.

Finally, when your hazard protection suit runs out of battery, recharge it by simply entering your spaceship or caves that you can find along the way.

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