‘Steven Universe' Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Pearl’s Hologram To Appear? What Are They Up To? Episode Titles Revealed!

By Annavi A. Salvador , Updated Aug 24, 2016 06:44 AM EDT

"Steven Universe" Season 4 is definitely creating a buzz in the small screen universe. Titles until the 8th episode have been released and fans are ecstatic to know what is brewing in the adventure cup of Steven and Connie especially for the upcoming episode.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 episode 4 will be aired with the title "Mindful Education" which will focus on their training. But spoiler news said that they will have a hard time concentrating. In effect, the duo will rise up and do something out of the box just to get their minds on focus. It must be exciting to see what kind of education they will get themselves into. Can you imagine Steven and Connie being distracted? Their funny antics will undoubtedly bring excitement to your small screen.

An adventure with the Pearl's hologram is expected to set the tone of "Steven Universe" Season 4 episode 4. Will the audience get to see Holo-Pearl, a hologram of Pearl with sword ready to fight, again? It can be recalled that Pearl was the adversary of Steven in "Steven the Sword Fighter." The almost-transparent, bluish characters with robot like-voices also appeared in "Beach Party" and "Sworn to the Sword." But what will they be up to now?

Once again, viewers of "Steven Universe" Season 4 might get to see Stevonnie fusion in its episode 4. As the name suggests, it is a fusion of the great Steven and his partner Connie. The coined name made its debut in "Alone Together." As the fusion is more unpredictable than the individual's personality, we can expect more thrilling scenes in the upcoming episode.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 episode 6 is labeled as "Gem Harvest," episode 7 "Tiger Philanthropist," and episode 8 "Last One Out of the Beach City." Stay tuned to GameNGuide as we give you updates and spoiler news as we get it!

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