‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Barbara, Doctor Brenner Are Dead? Who Will Return In Next Season?

By Annavi A. Salvador , Updated Aug 24, 2016 07:07 AM EDT

What could be stranger if "Strange Things" Season 2 have no spoiler news? The series is very popular in Netflix that viewers are always looking for something new as they await for the next season.

We all know that there are two characters missing in "Stranger Things" Season 1. Will, portrayed by Noah Schnapp, and Barbara, portrayed by Shannon Purser, mysteriously disappeared but it seems that only Will got the attention of everyone in a small town in Indiana. Even that of Nancy's.

Barbara's disappearance triggered Nancy to launch her investigation which eventually led her to discover the monstrosity of the hunting game. Maybe it is safe to conclude that "Stranger Things" Season 2 will give justice to Barbara even if she is now dead, and will not actually be part of the next season.

The first season of "Stranger Things" happened only in six or seven days, according to Matt Duffer, one of the creators of the series.  As short as it was, they cannot depict the mourning and spectacle of Barbara's disappearance. However, in "Stranger Things" Season 2, Duffer assures the audience that Barbara will get her hypothetical fair share of justice. They might dwell on the repercussions of whatever happened in season 1.

If Barbara did not survive the Upside Down, Doctor Brenner definitely has. "Stranger Things" Season 2 might just get to see the doctor alive again. Duffer said that the way he would have died is "very unsatisfying" and he definitely needs a more honorable ending than a monster jumping down on him.

An official statement is yet to be made but considering its rating, Reed Hastings, Netflix's chief executive, said that it would be "dumb" not to go for "Stranger Things" Season 2. Duffer has already said that the next season, if confirmed, will be "different" and "a little bit darker" than the previous episodes.

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