‘Persona 5’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Maid Cafe Inspired Setting In Upcoming Title, Check Out New Footage

By Bernie Yanson , Updated Aug 24, 2016 12:07 PM EDT

Atlus recently released a new gameplay video for the much-anticipated role-playing game "Persona 5." Many fans have already seen the protagonist working hard at his job and watching a movie in previous gameplay but the latest one released shows him in a maid cafe.

Maid Cafe Setting

Atlus recently released a new gameplay video for "Persona 5" showing the protagonist together with Morgana the cat in a maid's cafe, Twinfinite reported. Atlus released several gameplay videos prior to this. Other video clips show the protagonist watching a movie with his buddy Futuba and the other one working in his part-time job.

The new gameplay for "Persona 5" shows that players are allowed to purchase items from the cafe and even interact with the waitress. In fact, talking to the waitress can boost the character stat. The report noted that the concept is similar to the tea house featured in "Persona 3," where players can increase their charm stat simply by hanging out at the tea house the whole night.

'Persona 5' Footages

The maid cafe found in the new gameplay for "Persona 5" is actually a popular tourist spot in Japan, PlayStation Lifestyle added. While in real life a maid cafe is quite busy, it's rather calm in "Persona 5." Atlus is expected to release more footages as it approaches the release date for Japan in September.

"Persona 5" is one of the most anticipated role-playing video games to date. It is often the subject of discussions online, often speculating on its development. Game developer Atlus has been releasing video clips of the game to further heighten fans' anticipation of the game.

"Persona 5" is scheduled for release on Feb. 14, 2017, in North America and the United States. The game will be available on PS4 and PS3 platforms.

Meanwhile, the game is set to be released earlier in Japan on Sept. 15, 2016. Watch the new gameplay for "Persona 5" below.

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