‘Pokemon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Getting to Know Teams; Which One is Best For You?

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Aug 26, 2016 12:21 AM EDT

"Pokemon Go" literally swept the world since the day it was released. With millions of players around the world, the app-based game made history with its number of downloads and soaring revenue that it generated not just for Niantic Labs but for business establishments as well. Eventually, the game was called as the greatest game of all time.

Apart from the huge profits that it brings, "Pokemon Go" was also being praised from many unusual things like providing health benefits and playing a role in crime-solving cases. In other words, the game brought in lots of good things for everyone despite being just a game.

Now, everyone is playing "Pokemon Go" and those who have already reached level five can now pick a team to join in and continue leveling up. However, choosing is not easy as it looks because once the player decides to join a particular team, he or she can not change teams anymore. According to Game & Guide, Niantic Labs may allow shifting of teams but only due to acceptable reasons.

There are three team choices in "Pokemon Go" and each one is represented by Legendary Pokémon. First off, team Mystic (blue) is represented by Articuno and Team Valor (red) is represented by Moltres. The last is Team Instinct (yellow) and it is represented by Zapdos.

Choosing teams in "Pokémon Go"

All level five players must pick a team because they cannot move on with the game if they will not do so. In short, all players are required to have a team after reaching level five. To be able to decide which team to join, get to know the teams first so here is some details about them:

Team Mystic

This team is led by Blanche who was described as the smartest among the leaders. Its symbol is the legendary Articuno and the team focuses more on evolution as Blanche is serious in her research as to why Pokémon evolve. Over-all, this group takes things in calm manner as they believe keeping calm will lead to victory. Currently, this is the most popular team.

Team Instinct

Spark leads this yellow team and as the group name suggest, they are more on trusting their instincts to win in every situation. Go for this team if you believe that you can win battles by trusting that gut feeling.

Team Valor

This red team is headed by Candela who emphasizes strength in battles. She thinks that Pokémon are stronger than humans. Candela is doing research on how to intensify their natural power so that her pocket monster will become the strongest. Team Valor may not have as many members as Mystic but they have taken over a good number of territories so they are now seen as the fiercest and most persistent "Pokémon Go" players.

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