'Deus Ex' Mankind Divided Latest News & Update: Plot, Gameplay, Ending Disappointing? What We Know So Far!

By AASalvador , Updated Aug 28, 2016 02:09 AM EDT

Much hype surrounded "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided before its release on Tuesday. Many players have already posted on social media that they have already finished the Nixxes game.

"Deus Ex" by its name alone can already set high hopes for the players. So how does Mankind Divided live to their expectations?

It is 2029, just two years after the "Deus Ex" Human Revolution and Aug Incident. That's the year "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided is supposed to be in. Illuminati are controlling the augmented humans which are considered as a second class generation. Adam Jensen, in connivance with the Juggernaut group, is scheming ways on how to defeat the controlling organization.

Many players find that the storyline of "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided is very short and rushed. It only lasts about 20 hours. The characters, although interesting and unique, does not seem to be aligned with the story making it unsatisfactory for some gamers.

The graphics and gameplay of "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided have received a lot of positive feedbacks from players. The environment is realistic and provides so many options to choose from. Gameplay is impressive with its power suit featuring Titan Armour, Remote Hacking augmentation and Icarus Dash. Even the side missions were considered fun and exciting.

 "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided will give players multiple ending options. It is not the ending per se that players complain about but rather on what happens thereafter. No one knows exactly what happens to Adam Jensen. The story around Janus was left in the air as players never get to meet the anonymous hacker.

An important character named Megan in "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided was never mentioned again in the ending. Who is she? Is Janus and Megan the same?

Maybe we get answers to these in the next series. Meanwhile, stay tuned at GameNGuide for more updates and reviews of "Deus Ex" Mankind Divided.

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