'Wonder Woman' Release Date, Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Animated Parody Hits On Sword-Proof Dresses, Amazonian Fighting Kills, Walk of Stealth [Watch Video]

By V Doctor , Updated Aug 28, 2016 05:43 AM EDT

ArtSpear Entertainment recently featured their spoof version of the "Wonder Woman" trailer in animated fashion. The video was inspired by the official trailer, unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Bleeding Cool stated that the video showcased some comparisons between the Amazons and human beings at present. The parody trailer also cast some questions on Wonder Woman's fighting strategy. Although the original "Wonder Woman" movie trailer was well-received by fans at SDCC, the new animated versions, which lasted over three minutes, introduced some hilarious interactions between Steve Trevor and Diana.

ComicBook noted that the initial scene in the "Wonder Woman" animated parody trailer showed Steve Trevor on the shore of Themyscira, recently rescued by Diana. Wonder Woman mentioned that she realized that Steve was male after taking off his "thgh-sheaths." The Disney mermaid Ariel also attempted to take the man for herself on the beach before being hit in the face by the Amazonian warrior.

The "Wonder Woman" animated trailer also featured the round throne backdrop rolling off, which explains how the Amazons discovered the Amazonian wheel. Other notable scenes include Diana's mom having a homosexual affair, since there were no men on their island. Diana was also warned about their dresses, not being sword-proof. She walked into a party and took out her sword from behind, resulting to the blade cutting off her entire wardrobe in front of everyone.

Other parts of the "Wonder Woman" video showed Diana explaining how Zeus gave birth to her. The following scenes showcased Amazonian war tactics, which proved to be useless against guns. They started with a slow-motion jumping attack, followed by horses, and then bowless arrows, all to no avail.

Wonder Woman also tried to use her Walk of Stealth, which was apparently did not meet the purpose. Diana also introduced her dead sister, which was already in the form of a rotting shrunken head. She referred to a secretary similarly to a slave and showcased some of her lethal dance moves.

Overall, the parody was a great way to appease fans of the Amazonian princess. The solo "Wonder Woman" film is set to launch on June 2, 2017. More updates and details on "Wonder Woman" are expected soon.

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