Truecaller News & Update: Honor 8 To Get First Dibs On App, Huawei Flagships To Follow

By Marga Wilson , Updated Aug 28, 2016 07:12 AM EDT

Mobile app Truecaller made an announcement on Friday, stating that the company has entered into a partnership with Huawei. As it turns out, the Truecaller app will be pre-loaded onto the Chinese smartphone maker's upcoming flagship phones, with Honor 8 leading the pack.

According to TechCrunch, the Truecaller app will first roll out when the Huawei Honor 8 rolls out next month. But even better, the Trucaller app is slated to be bundled with upcoming Huawei phones as well, particularly in the U.S., Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and India.

While most people would think that the decision is to boost financial standings, both Huawei and Truecaller confirmed that the deal is not that at all, but purely a strategic move to boost the progression of both parties.

As it turns out, Huawei is seeking to include more third-party apps onto its smartphones that go beyond the pre-loaded ones provided by Google through its Android operating system, and that definitely includes Truecaller. It's said to be a move to make Huawei smartphones stand out from the rest of the over-saturated choices of Android smartphones.

"As we were planning the launch of our flagship device Honor 8, we are looking for partners who can truly redefine the user experience, Truecaller was an obvious choice to help improve the native calling functions. They provide an indispensable service for millions of users each day," said president of Huawei's Honor business, George Zhao, per GizBot.

Meanwhile, Truecaller co-founder Nami Zarrighalam said, "Our partnership with Huawei is the first of its kind that has only scratched the surface of the immense potentinal that is yet to be discovered with Truecaller."

Learn more about Truecaller by watching the video below. Have anything to say about Truecaller and Huawei's partnership? Is it a good business move? Let us know in the comments below!

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