‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Generation 2 Update To Include Rares and More

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 29, 2016 01:24 PM EDT

 “Pokemon Go” still has its fair share of players though spicing things up a bit could be good. The pocket monster hunting continues but the thing is that Niantic could do well to come up with a new enhancement to make the game better.

By now, most are aware that “Pokemon Go” has surprising seen a decline in daily active gamers. This was revealed through a report by Bloomberg claiming that the game may have reached its peak back in July.

There could be a lot of things tied up to that, including the fact that Niantic Labs has cracked the whip on cheaters. But a more logical conclusion is that the game has somehow become too recurring, particularly when it comes to “Pokemon Go” creatures that one comes across.

Where are the legendary creatures?

One question most are asking right now is whether there are actually rare characters out there or not. Some believe that Niantic may be holding them off though “Pokemon Go” players are aware that most are region-specific.

Then there is the level factor. Players need to be at a certain level to increase the chances of legendary encounters so that too is something to consider. But does Niantic really have the likes of “MewTwo” or even Articuno in circulation?

Is trading coming in Gen 2?

For Pokemon players, trading is something familiar for those who lived the card game era. Such a feature is not present in “Pokemon Go” though some users over at Reddit may have stumbled upon something.

Going through some codes tied up to “Pokemon Go” Gen 2, some noticed specific strings such as “trade_search” and “trade_offer”. If this is what they perceive it to be, then the most awaited feature could be in the midst.

 If trades and rares are indeed up next for “Pokemon Go” players, the augmented reality game could see another spike in daily active users soon. Hopefully, Niantic will not stop there and come up with more features that will make the game pretty interesting.

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