‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest News, Release Date & Updates: Big Things Happening On September 5

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Aug 31, 2016 07:35 AM EDT

A lot of “Pokemon Go” players are eager to see what Niantic Labs has in store on September 5 where a major update (Gen 2) is expected to roll out. Though the game developer has since released five updates since debuting in July, there are still a lot of things gamers want to see.

Most of the new features ranted for “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 include better tracking, spawns, Legendaries and enhanced visuals pointing to possible VR support. There are also some eager to find out if Niantic will finally apply some trading features, breadcrumbs of which were tracked through codes recently.

Pokemon Trading imminent?

As reported a couple of days ago, “Pokemon Go” players took note of codes and pointed out several terms with ‘trade’ terms. If the logic is correct, something similar to the card game could be forthcoming though it remains to be seen how this will adapt to the advanced gaming platform.

Legendaries anticipated

In another code singled out, a term that had “activity_catch_legend_pokemon” has ramped up the excitement as well. Though this could be something already present but not activated, players are growing impatient to find out just how they can spot and eventually capture the big Pokemon names soon.

Improved Tracking?

With the ‘Nearby’ feature on “Pokemon Go” ending up a bust, players are keeping their fingers crossed for something reliable in Gen 2. While Niantic did try to alleviate from all that with an improved feature, the fact remains that it was less than helpful.

Right now, it is a guessing game on what Niantic has up its sleeve with the upcoming patch under pressure to deliver. Some of the mentioned features could be there and some left behind. Whatever Niantic plans to improve on, here is hoping that the Sept. 5 update will render more cheers than boos as it tries to win back the players who have walked leading to active player decline per Bloomberg.

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