iPhone 8 Latest Rumors, Release Date & Update: Next Flagship Eradicates Home Button

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 01, 2016 12:55 PM EDT

With the iPhone 7 imminently debuting in the coming week, the attention has now slowly veered to the iPhone 8 which will reportedly come with a major design revamp. To date, the word out is that the iPhone 8 will come with a speculated curved OLED screen display and more powerful specs. The latest feature for the iPhone 8 will reportedly include the complete eradication of the home button, leading many to believe that Apple may be taking a page out of Samsung’s flagship designs, Bloomberg reported.

From flush to flushed?

The complete removal of the home button for the iPhone 8 somehow makes sense. In fact, Apple fanatics may have a good hint at that with the iPhone 7.

One of the rumors tied up to the iPhone 7 is the removal of the physical home button. Instead, the upcoming Apple flagship will have a Force Touch button that was made to account for better waterproofing.

With a smoothened front display, taking out the button altogether is seen as a logical next step for Apple and the iPhone 8 could very well be the best device to showcase all that.

Blame it on the Touch ID technology

One of the more popular features that folks are associating with iPhone products is its patented Touch ID fingerprint sensor feature. Apparently, the Cupertino company has been ramping up its biometric features for added security plus other issues to produce a pleasing new design.

If true, the change will draw a lot of criticism since Samsung owns the distinction for such a design. Add the rumored curved OLED screen and the iPhone 8 looks pretty much as the one trying to catch up (in terms of design) with the Korean-based company.

Iris Scanning included?

In another report, there is word from MoneyDJ that Apple is placing orders for an iris-recognition chip meant for the 2017 iPhone model. The immediate thing that comes to mind is Samsung once again, using that feature on the recently revealed Galaxy Note 7.

While everyone is aware of the major redesign that Apple plans, many were probably hoping for something unique and unseen. But if the grapevine is accurate, much of the new features may have very well been inspired by its rival, Samsung.

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