‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Get Hunting Help With A Venn Diagram

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 04, 2016 03:24 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” players need all the help they can get catching the elusive critters, particularly the rare ones. With Niantic ramping up game regulations, using third-party apps to track them down have come with a big risk.

Instead, “Pokemon Go” players may want to get a move on and find the critters the fair way. But how can they do that with a less impressive ‘Neaby’ and ‘Sightings’ feature that does nothing more than show the pocket monsters that lurk?

Venn Diagram Aid

For players who want some leads, “Pokemon Go" Venn could be of help. This is hosted at this site which technically makes use of the data from the ‘Sightings’ screen.

It can be a big help as it removes areas where Pokemon are not around, meaning all that would be left are the feasible monsters in the game and where they are actually at, Mobipicker reported.

To use this method, a rare Pokemon sighting will appear on the menu with the area shaded in a green circle. Much like how folks place points on Google Map, players can place red and green pins which should make it easier to figure where the “Pokemon Go” characters are at.

Totally made for one player

"Pokemon Go" Venn should be a big help to the gamers who take the game seriously. Also, it may be worthy to note that this is something that they can do independently.

It doesn’t come with a social feature meaning players will not see the results of other players and vice versa. It may be a lot of work but at least it does direct hard-core “Pokemon Go” players in the right direction to capture the worthy monsters and hopefully the rare ones.

This could make the game more interesting even with active players shying away from the game. Following Niantic’s aggressive push to clamp down on cheaters, the game just became harder meaning extra effort is needed.

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