Techniques Critical For Survival In Far Cry 3 (Next Far Cry Teased)?

By Aditya Bhat , Updated Nov 29, 2012 11:31 AM EST

As players take on the role of Jason Brody, who has the task of freeing his friends captured by Vaas, the leader of pirates and his level of insanity; survival in the Rook Islands become crucial to free friends and win the game.

Below is a list of survival techniques that was listed by PC.MMGN.

* Fast Travel: Though considered to be a "cheap tactic," this can pull the player out of any nightmarish situation. There have been no restrictions involved with fast travel. It is also a quicker alternative that the use of land, water, and air transportation.

* Enemy Tagging: Tagging enemies will help players know their position. Information regarding them is shared among the team and players are alerted to an incoming enemy. Tagging also helps when players are hunting for animals. An untagged deer might escape and quickly blend into an area. But if they are tagged then they cannot hide.

* Wild Animals: In Far Cry 3 players can hunt animals. But there are also numerous chances that players might also be attacked by these animals. When players are in tight fire fight situation a tiger could turn the situation around. Caged tigers and bears in enemy enclosure will be seeking their revenge and rearing to have a go.

* Keep Away from Wild animals: If a player wants to release any of the caged animals, they must also have an escape plan as the animals might also attack after it is done with its captors. Players have to keep distance from such wild creatures.

* Radio Tower Activation:  Soon after the tutorial players can activate the radio towers that are on the north island as it helps in unlocking the map and helps create more safe houses that are required for fast travel. Through this new weapons can also be unlocked. They become available at stores and safe house lockers as radio towers are activated.

* Take Advantage of Skill tree: Skill tree can unlock new abilities with players gaining experience points when they level up. Players must unlock a skill they might use. This will be helpful as they move to higher level of skills.

* Crafting Helps: Crafting is helpful for hunting. It uses animal skins, parts and plant material. Island life is much easier if player increases the capacity of holster, inventory, wallet and syringe pouch.

* Alarms have to be Disabled: If the player wants to sneak into enemy position then he has to first disable all the alarms. This will stop reinforcements from arriving.

* Running and Hiding: If a tiger attacks the player or if a player thinks his chances of survival against the enemy is less they can escape without engaging them. They can even sneak past patrolling guards through bushes and lake.

Meanwhile, when interviewed Dan Hay, Executive Producer, he was asked if a final instalment of Far Cry series was in the making "I won't answer that question, but what you can say is that you saw me smile," he said at the Ubisoft Montreal's headquarters where launch party for Far Cry 3 was held on Nov.28, IMGMR reported.

Does Hay's smile mean there is another Far Cry game in the making? We have to wait and watch.

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