'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Announces First DLC Story 'System Rift' Release for Season Pass

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 07, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" is quick to hype up the newest DLC canonically named "System Rift" that is due this Sept 23. The follow through came just two days after the release of the mainframe action role-playing game.

The return of Frank Pritchard

System Rift will feature the returning character Frank Pritchard of Sarif Industries, according to Capsule Computers. The main character Adam will support Pritchard in wringing information out of enigmatic Santeau Group. The gameplay requires covertly crawling into Palisade Blade, the Fort Knox of data in the storyline.

Deus Ex's publisher Square Enix did not provide any further details about the DLC apart from gist of spoilers. One possibility is that System Rift will be a standalone story to ease Adam's scheme to uncover details about Illuminati. Another rumor is the potential connection between Rift and the second DLC "A Criminal Past."

'System Rift' or 'A Criminal Past'

IGN hints that A Criminal Past is also to be featured in Mankind Divided's season pass. Logically, System Rift is the best bet for season pass for now. But then, A Criminal Past DLC can't be discounted considering the developer's pace. Either way, both are soon to hit platforms.

There is no definite information yet about the gameplay duration of System Rift. Developer Eidos Montreal also reminds the players to focus first in the main game. After all, just two days have passed since release. The $30 season pass is just another spice to derail a bit from Mankind Divided.

Mankind Divided is wanting a sequel

Meanwhile, Mankind Divided receives positive 8.5 review from NZGamer. The game is particularly recommended to newcomers looking for value-for-money game replays later. Gamers are also sure to hit the euphoria with addendums like System Rift and A Criminal Past.

The only downside mentioned is the lack of "true ending" for the game. Meaning, gamers will have to take everything slowly and time endgame to inevitable follow-up release.

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