Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest News & Update: Flaws on Model Affects Sales Greatly; Where Will the Company Go From Here?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 07, 2016 06:48 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users can definitely affirm the trouble caused by the said model recently. After the tragic events, the problem was immediately addressed by Samsung and the other responsible parties.

For those unaware of what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 products, recent reports of the units inadvertently overheating and burning up while in use went viral all over the globe. Now, the worldwide company has all eyes set on them as they presumably aim to rectify the said scenario.

As per WSJ, it has been pointed out that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 became such due to the defective battery inside it. The blame has now been casted to Samsung SDI, which is the designated battery maker of the said phones.

According to ITech Post, the relationship between Samsung and Samsung SDI may be going on a rather unconventional turn and will most likely hurt sales. The same goes not just for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but for the entire company altogether.

Being the battery provider for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung SDI is joined by ATL which is a Chinese battery making company. After such disruptive occurrences, Samsung may be opting to continue their service affiliation with ATL to mass produce the new units.

It was also said that Samsung could use the aid of LG if the supplying of the units really will really fall towards a shortage. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still under a recollection phase to ensure that no further damage is instigated.

Samsung SDI is anticipated to drop a significant $16 million due to the mishaps of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Sadly, Samsung could experience an unpleasant $1 billion loss.

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