'Call of Duty: Black Ops III' Salvation DLC Release Details, News & Update: 1.16 Is Now Available For Xbox One & PS4

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 07, 2016 10:19 AM EDT

The final instalment of "Call of Duty Black Ops II's" downloadable content has just been made available for players of the game.. However, a player would first have to first download the latest update in order to be able to enjoy "Salvation." Reports say that the latest update is already available on PS4 and Xbox One and is 1.5GB and 2.5GB respectively.

"Salvation" comes with four new maps, the final episode of the Origins co-op zombie mode, and dozens of tweaks and upgrades. Forbes reports that these new maps include Citadel which is a medieval styled map, Micro which is a picnic table map, Outlaw a western themed map and Rupture. Playstation Lifestyle reports on the full list of patch notes for the PS4 updates and that for global, this would include the Salvation DLC Map Pack Support. For multiplayer, this update had addressed and issue where a user would lose menu functionality once in a while upon joining a game.

The lobby issue wherein all members of a party did not have the same maps has also been addressed here. With this new update, switching to a lobby to a CWL game mode would no longer display any debug text. The issue that caused overlapping text while the Ban/Protect phase of a CWL match, has also been addressed and fixed with this latest update. The new emblem and calling card breadcrumbs are now functioning properly and after unlocking all calling cards in a black market set, the featured card now has proper animations. For In-Game Store, CWL Champions Pack is now available for purchase for 200 CoD points, it also contains a one of a kind CWL themed weapon camo.

CWL Team Packs are also now available for purchase for 500 CoD points, and each package contains a calling card and camo for each team in such region. Under Black Market, the activation prompt for Blackjack Mercenary Contracts will now function properly and the string issue in the "replace current contract prompt" has been fixed.

Under specialists, HIVE kills with the HIVE gun now and properly counts towards the Tools of the Trade Contract. Under Zombies, several bug and issues have been fixed under General, Gorod Krovi, Zetsubou No Shima, and Shadows of Evil.

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