‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ PS4 Pro Gameplay Demo, News & Updates: The Game Looks Amazing In 4K

By V Doctor , Updated Sep 09, 2016 11:17 AM EDT

Sony recently showed off the excellent resolution of the PlayStation 4 Pro by playing a number of standard PS4 games in 4K and HDR. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" was among the titles run on the PS4 Pro, and it looked amazing.

The PS4 Pro is set to launch in February 2017, featuring more powerful hardware than the standard version. Sony wanted the PS4 Pro to cater to higher-end gamers who wanted to experience their favorite titles at better resolutions and frame rates. PS4 games that are already available will include PS4 Pro support through updates, while upcoming games will already have the console support built-in.

Destructoid reported that Guerilla Games discussed "Horizon: Zero Dawn" at the Sony event. Jan-Bart Van Beek, art director of the game, stated that "Zero Dawn" will not be rendered in native 4K on the PS4 Pro. He mentioned that the final output of the game would present almost similar graphical details that some players may no longer notice the difference.

VG247 revealed that in the gameplay demo of "Horizon: Zero Dawn" on PS4 Pro, the visuals were stunning and players could almost feel as if they are part of the environment and features. Gamers with 4K TVs will appreciate the upgrade the most, while those with HD displays will find the graphics much better than the output on a standard PS4. Furthermore, Christian Gyrling, lead programmer at Naughty Dog, said that they ensured that the frame rates stayed the same. There will definitely be no advantage in terms of frame rate in multiplayer. This means that PS4 Pro players will not have the upper hand when playing "Horizon: Zero Dawn" against those using the standard PS4.

The PS4 Pro will not include UHD Blu-ray support. The HDR technology, however, will become available to all PS4 units via a firmware update. The PS4 Pro is generally a good alternative for players who own 4K TVs and those who wish to get more details when playing their preferred titles. Purchasing "Horizon: Zero Dawn" will include both the enhanced PS4 Pro versions and standard PS4 model. "Horizon: Zero Dawn" will launch in February 2017.

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