PlayStation 4 Pro Specs, Release Date, News & Update: Pricing Revealed; Sony Unveils 4K, HDR Capable Console

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 09, 2016 10:14 PM EDT

Higher visual fidelity for video streaming and 4K compatibility for future game titles are what sets apart PlayStation 4 Pro from its predecessor PlayStation 4. Sony Entertainment president Andrew House said that PS4 Pro is ready to take the likes of "Spider-Man," "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" and "Mass Effect Andromeda."

PlayStation 4 Pro boasts HDR support apart from 4K. Compared to PS4, the Pro console packs better clock rate, upgraded GPU and hard drive option of 500GB to 1TB. One good thing about PS4 Pro is support to all PlayStation 4 specific titles whether in current market or future release. This makes conclusion that PS4 Pro is not to replace PS4, according to The Mirror.

For excited gamers, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan clarifies that PS4 Pro doesn't come with 4K Blu-Ray player so it's still similar to regular PS4. Even the High Dynamic Range support is not something that regular PS4 consoles should envy because they too will have same feature via online update soon. Meaning, PS4 can also enjoy the added feature since HDR doesn't really affect processor speed, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't natively provide higher resolution or better graphics per se. If a game title works well with regular PS4, the Pro will replicate the same result. Difference in graphics quality comes when game developers themselves decide to utilize the extra features of Pro. Further, a regular High Definition monitor can still accommodate PS4 Pro but with added improvement.

Coincidentally, PlayStation 4 Pro will be released a full month after another member of PS4 family, the Slim version. PS4 Pro is out on November 10 and sell for $399 while Slim on Sept 15 at $299. For gamers who opt to grab early, several sites have listed PS4 Pro in their preorders including Amazon, ShopTo and GAME.

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