‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Latest Rumors, Release Date & Updates: Trading Feature Spotted At TOS

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 10, 2016 12:04 AM EDT

Everyone is eager to see what “Pokemon Go” generation 2 will have to offer, led no less by a Buddy and Trading system. The two new features hope to reel in back the players, most of whom were believed to be turned off by the bugs and issues the augmented reality carried.

As tackled in a previous post, the Buddy system for “Pokemon Go” intends to render more assistance to gamers. The Trading system, on the other hand, is something tied up to the similar practice on the card game version. Much of this was spotted via leaked codes

Already integrated in the Terms of Service

All the speculation tied up to the trading feature have now been appended thanks to eagle eyes who were able to spot it included in the Niantic’s updated terms of service.

Per reports, the trading feature on “Pokemon Go” will allow players to trade their Pokemon as well as other items on inventory like eggs and potions. No real money will be involved, something strictly stressed on the TOS.

With that said, there will be certain items not included in the trading practices on “Pokemon Go”. That includes PokeCoins, incubators, lure modules, and Incense. The items are still Niantic’s property meaning players cannot try and start making off on them.

Pinning that down could be hard, particularly for the players who are pretty much addicted to the augmented reality game. Other games have had their share of such with players willing to spend crazy amounts to get what they want.

So even if they say so, all those money possibly involved can happen. But will Niantic step in? Somehow that is one aspect that they may find hard to prove and resolve.

Hence, Niantic’s focus is best served on the game itself. The buddy and trading feature are neat but most want those new Pokemon and rares pop somewhere in their journey.

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