‘Pokemon GO’ Nearby Tracker Release Date, News & Update: Much-improved Feature Arriving This Week? Latest News & Updates Here!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Sep 11, 2016 11:50 AM EDT

Niantic has been very devoted to its promise that it will be releasing a biweekly update for the "Pokemon GO" game and among the upgrades most players have been patiently waiting to is the Nearby Tracker. New reports are claiming that the upcoming and much-improved Nearby Tracker feature is going to arrive within this week.

New Nearby Tracker For 'Pokemon Go'

According to Yibada, Niantic is currently working on a new Nearby Tracker feature of the game. In fact, the said feature is already available for selected players of "Pokemon Go." The new Nearby Tracker now shows a list of pokemons along with an image of a PokeStop in the background for each pokemon.

When a player of "Pokemon Go" taps on a PokeStop shown in the Nearby Tracker, it will automatically provide additional details about how a player can reach that place -- well it's more like a GPS feature for the game. Players will have to take note that the pokemons won't be necessarily on the PokeStop as it simply indicates that the pokemon is near the PokeStop. Also, the new Nearby Tracker will alert the player if the pokemon has already disappeared in the said location in the map.

When Will The Update Arrive For 'Pokemon Go'?

The next update of "Pokemon Go" will feature a number of additional feature on the game and this includes the Nearby Tracker. Niantic has been keeping information of the update's release but, for now, fans can keep their fingers crossed and hope that the upcoming update will arrive next week.

At present, the tracking tool in "Pokemon Go" is broken and players are in need of alternatives to track pokemons in the game. PokeMesh, FastPokeMap, and Skiplagged are real time pokemon trackers that can help players of find and catch pokemons. For more "Pokemon Go" news and update, stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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