‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’ News & Update: Global Recall, Batteries Overheatin; Samsung Takes The Toll, Consumers Fumes With Anger?

By Lilibeth C , Updated Sep 13, 2016 06:40 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been recalled due to many reports of incidents that the device battery is overheating. Last Saturday night, an accident occurred while a 6-year-old boy from Brooklyn was watching a video on the device and suddenly it exploded in his hands. The explosion caused health issues for the boy.

Recent news from the New York Post relayed that the Lewis family called 911. They rushed the boy into the hospital. Thankfully, the aftermath was not severe. Nevertheless, the incident caused trauma to the boy. The mere presence of any device even though it is not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is sparking fear in him.

Currently Samsung was already keeping in touch with boy's grandmother Linda Lewis. However, she did not provide any further comments regarding the incident. Meanwhile, the company acknowledged the incident concerning Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and is now fixing the issues.

They also issued a statement that recalls Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from the mobile market. The recalled device will be replaced by the company. Airline passengers were also given a warning not to turn on the device during the take-offs for their safety.

As per USA Today, due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 damage reports, the company's shares dropped down up to 7 percent in just one week and lost $14.3 billion in the market. A similar incident occurred in St. Petersburg. The explosion occurred when one of the passenger charged his phone and it literally burst into flames.

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