'Pokemon Go' Buddy System Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To NOT Waste Candy With Reminders, Counterfeit App Warning

By Dave Matthews , Updated Sep 15, 2016 11:15 AM EDT

With Niantic's long awaited "Pokemon Go" Buddy System Update now in full swing, fans of the popular location-based augmented reality game are already enjoying the new update. As the continued growth of the "Pokemon Go" counterfeited apps or hacked version of the game, Niantic is warned the community of using the said app.

The new buddy system will allow the player to have one of your Pokémon to follow you as you traverse the "Pokemon Go" world. Not only will "Pokemon Go" fulfill fans long dream to get their favorite Pokémon's to follow them like in the in Pokémon Yellow like Pikachu did it also has some perks.

Walking around with you buddy will allow you to get candies for the specific Pokémon in "Pokemon GO." According to Forbes, this is an effective way of leveling up and evolving hard to capture Pokémons like Snorlax. You will get candies when you reach a certain distance acting as a checkpoint for your Pokémon in "Pokemon Go."

In order to use the new buddy system simply tap on your trainer profile then you will be escorted to three little bars on the lower right of the screen. Tap of the "Buddy" option then you just have to select a Pokémon you want to walk with in "Pokemon GO."

In relate to that news, according to iTechPost, millions of iPhone users have been spotted using "Pokémon Go" counterfeited apps. This hacked version of the game has a built in joystick that can allow the players to control their avatar like any other game.

It also comes with a whole lot of features such as being able to select a Pokémon's spawn location. Although all of this sound good it looks like Niantic is taking serious actions against the counterfeited apps or hacked version of the app, with several users getting soft bans and permanent ban from using "Pokemon Go."

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