'No Man's Sky' Latest News & Updates: Hello Games Launching New Patch Focusing on the Game's Issues? How New Atlas Stones Work?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 15, 2016 09:32 PM EDT

The game "No Man's Sky" has been one of the most anticipated game of the year and its fans have been patient for its release. However, the game has been considered as a big disappointment for most of them. Hello Game, the developer of "No Man's Sky," has kept mum despite reports that their game is having negative feebacks from its fans.

Those fans who already purchased the "No Man's Sky" game has been asking for refunds as it has been reported that players are experiencing glitches while playing the game. But, some loyal fans are still hoping that they will enhance the "No Man's Sky" game with its upcoming rumoured game patch that is set to be released very soon.

According to The Bitbag, fans are looking forward to the new patch of the game "No Man's Sky" will offer them something better. Based on its released trailer, "No Man's Sky" have revealed some animal life and tons of planets included which the fans are expecting to experience. Lots of game features were reportedly absent during the launch of the game "No Man's Sky" which also disappoints players.

Another important feature that is said to be included in the upcoming patch of the game "No Man's Sky" is those Atlas Stones that are players will need during exploration on different planets. But players should also take note to hold unto these red gems as it will give you great rewards on your way, as reported by Parent Herald.

On the latest blog post on the official site of the game "No Man's Sky," Hello Games has been a bit busy for 2 to 3 weeks enhancing and updating the game. One is that those issues that are reported to them have been fixed; well, of course, according to its priority. They also noted that there is already a community management team that will keep fans updated and have also released 4 patches each for the PC version and the PS4 version of "No Man's Sky."

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