‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Did ‘Ditto’ Get Free Ride With New Buddy System?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 16, 2016 09:11 PM EDT

Niantic Labs has started rolling out updates for “Pokemon Go” where the striking new feature is of course the “Buddy System”. Now the question up in the air is what else came with the latest patch.

Most “Pokemon Go” players have been frantically waiting for the appearance of the ‘Legendary’ clan. This includes the likes of “Articuno”, “MewTwo”, “Zapdos”, “Moltres” and “Ditto”. So are these critters really out there?

A person who can shed more light is “Pokemon Go” CEO John Hanke. In an interview, he did mention that at least one of the Legendary Pokemon is out there and this was in reference to “Ditto”.

While the claim was a bold one, he of course held back to say how to find “Ditto” for the obvious reason that it spoils all the fun. His claim could be true but some “Pokemon Go” players are casting some doubts.

A lot of that may perhaps be because “Pokemon Go” players have been frantically on the prowl with no sighting of “Ditto”. So was Hanke pulling a fast one on the augmented reality gamers?

The search is on!

It seems out of character to think that Hanke would be making such an announcement that is not really there. Hence, “Ditto” could be lurking out there though there are some prerequisites to satisfy. Among the sensible ones to consider is perhaps the level players are now at on “Pokemon Go”.

Did “Ditto” arrive with the Buddy System update?

With most “Pokemon Go” players failing to find him, there are now growing speculations that “Ditto” could have been included in the recent update. That could be a feasible claim but yet to be proven.

Reddit has been a key source of leaks tied up to “Pokemon Go”, “Ditto” included. The problem is that most of the ones who shared have rendered nothing but fake claims.

For now, the best way is to stay the course on “Pokemon Go”. Being a “Legendary” it seems obvious that folks will have a hard time. Then again, that is the challenge posed from playing “Pokemon Go”.

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