'WWE 2K17' Release Date, News & Update: 5 New Customization Options Unveiled! More Game Features & Details Revealed!

By Daniel Flores , Updated Sep 22, 2016 09:40 AM EDT

"WWE 2K17" has recently released a new trailer that features 5 customization options for players of the game. The new custom options let players of "WWE 2K17" bring out their creativity to the game by creating any wrestler of their liking.

Create-a-Superstar. First up, Create-a-Superstar lets players of "WWE 2K17 create an avatar with a wide array of hairstyles, facial hair, outfits, kick pads and face paints that they can select to be added on their character's physical features. Also, the new Skin Effect allows players of "WWE 2k17" to add scars, eyebags, wrinkles and burns. Gamers can now customize their character's teeth by yellowing or silvering and even replacing teeth with fangs.

Create-a-Move-Set. With the said feature, players can finally get the chance to create a move for their own character in the game. Although, there was no mention of the Create-a-Finisher feature, but it is expected to be revealed sooner after "WWE 2K17 finally launches in the market.

Create-an-Entrance. Create-an-Entrance feature in "WWE 2K17" allows players to make an entrance video for their created superstar when the avatar is about to step inside the ring. Players can create the video through CAV and select the music, template, banners, posters and lighting for the player's avatar in "WWE 2K17."

Create-an-Arena. As the title suggest, Create-an-Arena will allow players of "WWE 2K17" total freedom to create a grand spectacle for characters to fight until one comes out victorious. Players can change and customize the arena with a wide selection of options in its feature and make all three turnbuckle pads with different colors.

Create-a-Show. And finally, the Create-a-Show feature in "WWE 2K17' allowa players to create a different WWE Universe of their own and everything will be customizable, leaving only to the imagination of a player. Players can change the theme from ring battles, (black & white, sepia and VHS) referee's uniform, to audio commentary ("Welcome to Monday Night RAW").

Although, the trailer only had only few glimpses of the features mentioned above, fans can tell the "WWE 2K17 will have great new feature in creating a wrestling superstar. "WWE 2K17 will be launched in Oct. 11 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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