‘Samsung Note 8’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Samsung to Play Competion with Apple iPhone 7?

By Rennie Quilab , Updated Sep 21, 2016 09:05 AM EDT

Samsung is never out of style and is always in for competition. Obviously, Samsung always produce the best technological products in the market compared to others. If Apple is well known for design, "Samsung is branded with the features. The Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will surely be the first flexible Smartphone ever.

According to Galaxy Note 7 info, "Samsung" equipped the Galaxy Note 8 with Super Amoled Display Screen provided with the best camera lenses. Note 8's security features will be enriched radically. It will be having biometrics features to enable a greater protection for your subtle datas.

Knowing that storage memory and processing requirements are in demand rapidly, "Samsung" Galaxy Note 8 will make its unit equipped with a least 64 GB internal memory space. Enabling it to contain high processing speed, "Samsung" Galaxy 8 will be having at least 6 GB RAM.

Allocation for additional memory space will be provided. And 'Samsung" Galaxy Note 8 will be having Snapdradon Qualcom octa-core 3.2 GHz processor.

As what Android Central stated, "Samsung" Galaxy Note 8 will be at the price point of $399. Thus having a very featured-equipped smartphone with the corresponding price, Note 8 is one of the best tablets that "Samsung" has offered.

Because "Samsung" settled to make it 8 inches with the Galaxy Note 8, the phone-tablet varies with the 7-inch Tab and Tab 2 that has been released lately, and so with the Nexus 7. Due to Note 8's larger screens, users need to have palms quite smaller on the other side, but accordingly, users will get along with it, but it is still unusual because of its larger screen.

The "Samsung" Note 8 seems to have a similar feature with the the Note 10.1, in which, the plastic is a bit slimmer. This is due to user's demand variation, because it will not crack or be torn apart in any ways that users used to read on the web regarding plastic things.

"Samsung" has been very keen on creating devices made of plastic, and users do not anticipate this to be altered soon. There is not much to worry with the thing the Note 8 is mad of, but it does not provide the mystical quality that few of the other tablets with metal and rubberized materials do.

So, when is the awaited release date of the product that will be changing the smartphone scenario? Unfortunately, "Samsung" Galaxy Note 8 Release date is not fixed yet, but rest assured, "Samsung" Galaxy Note 8 will more likely be released on August-September 2017.

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