'Persona 5' Release Date, News & Update: Returning Feats Vital for Franchise; Atlus' Efforts on Detail Successful?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 22, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

Atlus' "Persona 5" may still be on the pending list for many role-playing game aficionados that reside other than Japan, but the news regarding said title has continued to flow. For those that wish to know more about the adventures to look forward to, the protagonist's identity may be one to pay attention to.

Followers of the franchise may already know that "Persona 5" has quite the reputation to follow through, which at this point is vital for the series. Now, some familiar entities may be returning to the franchise's fifth entry.

According to I Tech Post, the "Persona 5" story may be looking at the return of demons, which is vital for the character's entities. Defeating these said demons will give the characters their corresponding Personas, but that is not all that fans can look forward to returning.

It was said that firearms will also be making their back to the fifth title. Despite being filled with all the good attributes for "Persona 5," some variables may cause a little irritation to those with short patience.

According to RPG site, "Persona 5" aims to pull attention to the story as characters tackle on what happened in the past, including their experience on how they got to such place. One more interesting feat is that the neighbors in Tokyo are not too friendly at all-which can also be applied to the lead character of the title.

Work has been said to be put in "Persona 5" after the many delays it has gone through in the past. Artwork, detailing and coloring are only some of the proofs that signify what Atlus has brought forth for the title.

"Persona 5" is yet to receive a Western release date. Stay posted for more updates and news here at Gamenguide.

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