NFL Playoffs Preview: San Francisco 49ers Vs. Atlanta Falcons Results Simulated in Madden NFL 13

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Jan 14, 2013 03:33 PM EST

Aldon Smith slipped past Atlanta Falcons' left tackle Sam Baker and hit Matt Ryan squarely in the chest sending him to the ground on his back, and the ball flying from his gripe.

Middle linebacker Patrick Willis pounced on the ball giving the San Francisco 49ers possession on their own 41-yard line with 2:09 remaining in the game. At the time of the turnover, the Niners were trailing Atlanta 31-27.

Second year quarterback Colin Kaepernick began the drive with a 15-yard scramble. He then hit wide receiver Michael Crabtree for a 22-yard strike, before connecting with tight end Vernon Davis for a 22-yard touchdown pass to put San Francisco ahead 34-31 with only 24 seconds remaining.

Kaepernick passed for 264 yards and two touchdowns and rushed for another one as the number two seeded 49ers defeated the number one seeded Falcons 34-31 in the NFC Championship game on Sunday night, clinching their spot in Super Bowl XLVII.

The game started with Atlanta score 14 unanswered points with Ryan connecting with wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones on touchdown passes. Ryan passed for 301 yards with three touchdowns, but threw two interceptions and had the game losing fumble.

White had eight catches for 114 yards for the Falcons, and Jones added six receptions for 85 yards. Michael Turner rushed for 59 yards on 14 carries.

The Falcons' defense sacked Kaepernick twice on their opening drive and forced two quick three-and-outs, but the young quarterback rebounded with three straight scoring drives to make the game 21-13 going into the locker room at halftime.

The 49ers would take the lead late in the third quarter on a Frank Gore touchdown run that made the game 27-24, but Atlanta would regain the lead on 42-yard touchdown reception by veteran tight end Tony Gonzalez.

The Falcons were driving late and seemed on the verge of putting the game away for good when the fumble occurred on a third and long.

Do you think Madden NFL '13 got tonight's game right? In the regular season madden was 27-15 and for the playoffs the simulations are 4-4.

Here is a list of Madden NFL 13's simulations for the year...

Week 1

Cowboys Vs. Giants

Week 2

Packers Vs. Bears

49ers Vs. Lions

Broncos Vs. Falcons

Week 3

Giants Vs. Panthers

Patriots Vs. Ravens

Packers Vs. Seahawks

Week 4

Browns Vs. Ravens

Giants Vs. Eagles

Bears Vs. Cowboys

Week 5

Cardinal Vs. Rams

Chargers Vs. Saints

Texans Vs. Jets

Week 6

Steelers Vs. Titans

Packers Vs. Texans

Broncos Vs. Chargers

Week 7

Seahawks Vs. 49ers

Steelers Vs. Bengals

Week 8

Buccaneers Vs. Vikings

49ers Vs. Cardinals

Week 9

Chiefs Vs. Chargers

Cowboys Vs. Falcons

Eagles Vs. Saints

Week 10

Colts Vs. Jaguars

Texans Vs Bears

Chiefs Vs Steelers

Week 11

Miami Vs. Buffalo

49ers Vs. Bears

Week 12

Redskins Vs. Cowboys

Patriots Vs. Jets

Packers Vs. Giants

Panthers Vs. Eagles

Week 13 

Saints Vs. Falcons

Eagles Vs. Cowboys

Giants Vs. Redskins

Week 14

Broncos Vs. Raiders

Texans Vs. Patriots

Week 15

Bengals Vs. Eagles

49ers Vs. Patriots

Titans Vs. Jets

Week 16


Week 17

Cowboys Vs Redskins

Playoffs Wildcard Round

Bengals Vs. Texans

Vikings Vs. Packers

Colts Vs. Ravens

Seahawks Vs. Redskins

Playoffs Divisional Round

Ravens Vs. Broncos

Packers Vs. 49ers

Seahawks Vs. Falcons

Texans Vs. Patriots

Championship Round

49ers Vs. Falcons

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