Mass Effect- Our List Of The Five Biggest Deaths In The Trilogy (Watch Trilogy Trailer Here)

By Juan G. Rodriguez , Updated Jan 15, 2013 11:28 AM EST

The original Mass Effect Trilogy is still not exactly finished, as Bioware still has more downloadable content planned for Mass Effect 3.

The last single-player expansion, Omega saw Commander Shepard's return to Mass Effect 2's criminal space station, as he or she helped fan-favorite Aria T'Loak recapture her base of operations.The DLC was a pricey but an enjoyable experience and featured one of the trilogy's most heroic deaths. Nyreen Kandros, the valiant Turian leader of the Talon mercenary group sacrificed herself to take out the Cerberus-manipulated Reaper, the Adjutant from harming the citizens of Omega.

This is one of the saddest deaths in the series, but it doesn't make our top five list. Spoilers ahead! Here is our list of the top five deaths of squadmates in the original trilogy not including Shepard:

5. Miranda Lawson: Shepard arrives on Horizon to find video logs left by Miranda that summarize what has happened in the Sanctuary facility. Shepard eventually finds Miranda injured with her father Henry holding his other daughter Oriana as a human shield. Shepard has the choice to diffuse the situation diplomatically or to just shoot Henry. Depending on whether you warned her about Kei Leng and other variables, she dies in the company of Shepard and Oriana.

4. Thane Krios: The Drell assassin and Mass Effect 2 squadmate was one of the most complex characters in the ME universe. Unlike most assassins, Thane was far from a cold-blooded killer and was a deeply spiritual being. Unfortunately, Thane is suffering from an incurable terminal disease known as Kepral's Syndrome. But in Mass Effect 3, Thane is killed in an encounter with the cybernetic ninja, Kai Leng. His death marks the lost of a friend and a potential lover for fem-Shep. In his last moments thane showcases all of the skills that made him one of the most bad-ass characters in the series, as he battle the Cerberus enhanced Leng to a near standstill. Leading us to believe that if he was healthy, he would have whooped Leng hands down.

3. Ashley Williams/ Kaidan Alenko: During the battle on Virmire, Shepard is forced to make a heart wrenching choice between his squadmates, Ashley and Kaidan. It is one of the game's greatest moments and creates a ripple effect through the rest of the trilogy. The surviving character plays an important role in the final two entries of the series. A choice we made at the very beginning of the game series still haunts us all these years later.

2. Mordin Solus: The very embodiment of a Salarian scientist, Mordin Solus death was a mammoth moment in the trilogy. As a member of the Salarian Special Tasks Group, he played a hand in preventing the Krogan from recovering from the effects of the genophage. Mordin remained remorseful for his actions till his last moments and he sacrifice himself to cure the disease. His final moments have him traveling up an elevator to the top of the Shroud Tower determined to release the cure. He is killed as explosions wreak havoc on the structure.

1.Urdnot Wrex: The famous Krogan Battlemaster is the tragic face of the Krogan race. He has been burned by his warrior race and is one of the few Krogans that believes the Krogan need to find a new way to survive for the future. He is forced to take his father Jarrod's life on the ancestral burial grounds called the Hollows, a holy place among the Krogan where violence is forbidden. He turns his back on his own people and becomes a gun for hire until he meets Shepard. The two bound in combat and over tales of battle. On Virmire Shepard and the squad discover that Saren has found a cure for the genophage and has been breeding Krogan for his army. Wrex sees the cure as an opportunity to reunite and restore his people, but Shepard recognizes the immediate threat to the galaxy. The two soldiers have a heated confrontation about destroying the breeding facility that can result in the death of Wrex either by Shepard's hands or a well-placed bullet from Ashley. The death is shocking and effects many things throughout the trilogy.

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