‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Legendary Creatures To Be Deployed At Special Events

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 21, 2016 08:45 PM EDT

The long wait for the Legendary “Pokemon Go” creatures may finally be here with word that the hard-to-spot rares are coming soon via special events. Word of such comes no less from Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke though no timetable has been set.

As mentioned in a previous post, “Pokemon Go” players have ended up playing the speculation game to find out when Legendaries like “MewTwo”, “Ditto” and “Articuno” will actually make an appearance. There have been claimed sightings of the rares though most have turned out to be nothing more than fake.

Nevertheless, Hanke himself has come out to the open to affirm that these pocket monsters will be appearing soon. It is believed that the appearance of these rare “Pokemon Go” creatures will be shown at special events, perhaps similar to that Times Square appearance involving “MewTwo”.

“Pokemon Go” Generation 2 sparking entry of rares?

While Hanke’s revelation is good news, “Pokemon Go” players are more concerned about how this will come about. Some believe that the Niantic CEO was pretty confident about the coming of the rares because of Generation 2.

As most know by now, the update will bring in a lot and such may include scripts for the emergence of the “Pokemon Go” rares. However, getting a shot at trying to catch them may need some requirements.

That includes “Pokemon Go” players being at a certain level which makes a lot of sense. It can be seen as a form of reward for the ones frequently playing the augmented reality game though all that has yet to be confirmed.

Either way, the big news here is that “Pokemon Go” players will finally see rare pocket monsters on their PokeDex, at least the ones who have leveled up fair and square. The only question is will those events be happening before the year comes to a close?

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