Latest News And Updates On Technology: Why Humanity Is Better Upheld In 'Augmented Reality' Games Than That Of 'Virtual Reality'

By Clarice F. Bernardo , Updated Sep 22, 2016 05:08 AM EDT

Google spin-off's and Niantic's Chief Executive Officer, John Hanke, recently said in emphasis that "AR" (Augmented Reality) is more interesting than "VR" (Virtual Reality). He also that "AR" has a better future in the technology world.

Ubergizmo reported that during Recode's "Recode Decode" podcast, John Hanke stated that "AR" has more long-term potential. This is simply because "AR" does not shut people off from the outside world and actually encourages them to go outside to interact with the things.

As in the case of "Pokemon Go", Recode has supported John Hanke's claim. "Pokemon Go" allows a player to travel. These places may even include places that a player has not ever visited before just to find and catch a "Pokemon" all over the world.

John Hanke explained that from the very beginning, their games were about motivating people to go outside and see interesting places. He added that he has mixed feelings about people looking at their screen while his team is trying to lead people out into the park where they can see the statue and the trees and the nature.

While John Hanke is strong in the conviction that "AR" will be able to reach greater heights than "VR." He also acknowledges that "AR" is significantly more challenging to create.

Having seen the effects of "VR" where players mostly isolate themselves from everyone around them and entering this completely virtual space, the objective of John Hanke to promote more of AR is truly commendable.

Additionally, John Hanke said that "AR" is designed to add and enhance the things a player does as a human being. It is indeed a beautiful sight to see players being outside, socializing with other people, shopping, playing, and having fun.

"AR" will really restore much of humanity when other games do the same thing. As for Pokemon Go, players are now able to socialize more with the introduction of Pokemon Go Plus which has a wearable accessory that just alerts players when they can take some action in the game.


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