‘League of Legends’ Board Game Crossover Release Date, News &Updates: Gameplay Details Revealed

By Tim Armstrong , Updated Sep 23, 2016 07:32 AM EDT

Riot Games, the game developer and publisher of the popular multiplayer online battle arena video game, "League of Legends," is creating a board game called "Mechs vs. Minions." The new project is said to be as exciting as its video game. According to reports, the "League of Legends" board game will allow players to compete against each other as they try to finish all 10 missions.

In a report by The Verge, Riot Games revealed that each mission of the "League of Legends" board game will give players up to 90 minutes of gameplay. The game developer promises an exciting "Mechs vs. Minions" that would test the skills and talents of players. What's even more interesting is that gamers will compete against each other face to face.

"League of Legends" board game players will be given the opportunity to choose their own hero from the four different champions such as Ziggs, Corki, Heimerdinger and Tristana. Although the game requires for a cooperative gameplay, Riot Games failed to emphasize whether a group strategy is allowed. If the rules of "Mechs vs. Minions" mirror its video game counterpart, friends or a group team up could be included.

Nonetheless, the "League of Legends" board game might disappoint some of its followers as the gameplay will follow the programmatic card game system. Players must wait for their turn before making a move.

In another report, the new "League of Legends" board game will also allow players to use the stacking strategy. Participants of the game can use attack cards to make stronger and deadlier movements.

Meanwhile, the game developer mentioned that participants of the "League of Legends" board game must cooperate with other players to make sure they defeat boss mechs and win all missions. Fans also expect more details to be revealed before the game's official release date. Riot Games is said to launch the new board game on Oct. 13 with a price tag of $75.

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