'Prison Break' Season 5 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Wentworth Miller Copes Up With His Anxiety And Depression

Sep 23, 2016 11:40 AM EDT | By Kathleen Nava

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  • "Prison Break" Season 5 star Wentworth Miller tries to cope his anxiety and depression.
    (Photo: Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images)

When "Prison Break" was first aired back in 2005, the American serial drama became an instant hit. One of the protagonists of "Prison Brea" was Wentworth Miller who famously played the character Michael Scofield. His outstanding portrayal of the lead character and good looks made Wentworth Miller a household name. But while "Prison Break" fans are busy adoring him, Wentworth Miller was busy dealing with anxiety and depression.

Before "Prison Break" Season 5 Wentworth Miller opened up about his sexuality in 2013, fans were dubbing him to be the next best thing in Hollywood. Little did they know that Wentworth Miller was already battling his inner demons and it showed right after the "Prison Break" series supposedly ended in 2009.

The "Prison Break" Season 5 star Wentworth Miller started to gain weight and looked nothing like his famous character, Michael Scofield. Because of this transformation, Wentworth Miller became a laughing stock in social media which didn't help to the "Prison Break" Season 5 star's anxiety and depression.

The LAD Bible took the actor's weight gain as a fun opportunity to laugh about Wentworth Miller's body, but it totally backfired on them. Fans were not happy about the site's release of the body-shaming meme of the beloved actor. BBC reported that the LAD Bible eventually took down the post and apologized to the "Prison Break" Season 5 star Wentworth Miller. Instead of lashing back at the site, Wentworth Miller explained his unflattering photo that was taken back in 2010 in a lengthy Facebook post.

The "Prison Break" Season star Wentworth Miller revealed that the photo was taken during the lowest point of his life. He also shared that he was suicidal and only a few people knew about his struggle. Now, Wentworth Miller is taking his life back slowly but surely. Since he knows how hard it is to deal with anxiety and depression, Wentworth Miller participated in an organization that helps people suffering from the same problems. You can catch Wentworth Miller in "Prison Break" Season 5 as it premieres in early 2017.

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