‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Release Date, Characters, News & Update: New Character Details Revealed; Surprising Features Confirmed! More Gameplay Details Unveiled

Sep 23, 2016 07:50 AM EDT | By Tim Armstrong

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Pokemon fans are definitely going to enjoy the upcoming role-playing video games in the Pokémon series, "Pokemon Sun and Moon." According to reports, game developer Game Freak and publisher The Pokemon Company have announced never-before-seen Pokemon monsters for the new title. Here are some of the new Pokemon fans can expect once the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" video game hits the shelves.

Oranguru. This Pokemon originally came from "Pokemon Moon;" however, anybody who has the "Pokeomon Sun" release can certainly trade it with other players. According to the Pokemon database, Oranguru is a normal psychic monster, which is also known as Sage Pokemon. Just like an orangutan, this Pokemon normally lives alone deep in the forests.

Passimian. This "Pokemon Sun" exclusive monster is a fighting type. Although Passimian could not be found in "Pokemon Moon," players can still acquire it by trading with other gamers. Passimian appears to be coming from a lemur origin such as ruffed lemur or sifaka.

According to the game's official website, in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," this monster belongs to Teamwork Pokemon category who live in troops of up to 30 individuals. This interesting Pokemon also has an amazing Receiver Ability, which enables it to acquire the ability of an ally Pokemon who faints in battles.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will also introduce the evolutions for Rockruff. This Pokemon will evolve into interesting versions of itself based on where the evolution will take place. Although evolutions for Rockruff possesses different versionsin their Midnight and Midday forms, both evolutions will be called Lycanroc.

Meanwhile, according to Forbes , aside from these three new Pokemon monsters, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will also include Pokemon Refresh, which is a grooming setup that would allow players to clean and train their Pokemon. The upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is already scheduled to come out on Nov. 18 this year. More details are expected to be revealed by the game developer weeks before its official release date.

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