‘Star Wars’ Release Date, News & Update: Disney Announces Another Standalone Film Coming Out In 2020, Could Feature Princess Leia

Sep 23, 2016 01:39 PM EDT | By V Doctor

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  • A writer has reportedly already been hired to take the lead for the 2020 standalone film that is yet to be announced.
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A lot of "Star Wars" projects are up and coming and it appears that there is even more to come as Disney recently confirmed another standalone film coming in 2020. The standalone series will begin this December with the release of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" in cinemas worldwide.

CNET reports that considering that this upcoming project will be out in 2020 that will be 43 years since the first Star Wars movie hit theatres. The franchise's age does not appear to matter to its fans as the popularity of "Star Wars" continues to soar across fans of different generations. It is also reported that Disney CEO Bob Iger said that he has heard it from the writer working on "Star Wars Episode IX." It is also revealed that a writer has already been hired to take the lead for the 2020 standalone film that is yet to be announced.

With this, it looks like Star Wars fans have something to look forward to with practically one "Star Wars" film to be released annually. "Star Wars Rogue One" is coming out this December, Episode VIII in 2017, a standalone Han Solo movie in 2018, Episode IX in 2019, and now this upcoming film for 2020. Iger also said that he does not expect "Rogue One" to perform as well as "The Force Awakens" in terms of sales, but says that the interest is high.

Inverse reports that this upcoming standalone "Star Wars" film could focus on Princess Leia Organa who has an interesting backstory as a Rebellion princess and Resistance general. The former senator and daughter of Anakin Skywalker had a complicated life before she was first introduced in "Star Wars," which could all be documented in the 2020 film. This also makes perfect sense with the release of "Rogue One," a standalone Han Solo film, and following the conclusion of the trilogy, which started with "The Force Awakens."

There is so much that can be used a basis for Princess Leia's story before "A New Hope." In a 1981 radio drama, she was depicted as a diplomat. There is so much that can be used as canon sources for Princess Leia's story in the upcoming "Star Wars" film, which could deal with the corrupt political infrastructure and reforms from within the Empire.

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