‘Pokemon Go’ News & Update: Modifications In Latest Update To Affect Migrating Rare Nests, Pokemon Spawns?

Sep 23, 2016 07:46 AM EDT | By V Doctor

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  • While the most visible feature of the latest update was the buddy system, others have noted a significant change in nest locations.
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Rare nests are pretty hard to find in "Pokemon Go" and just when a player finds one, it is very likely to disappear in a while. This has been consistently the case with all previous updates and it likely happened again in the latest one; but some fans are hoping that this is not the case.

The BitBag reports that migration of nests has always been the default norm for almost all free to play mobile games. This shuffling mechanic is meant to keep "Pokemon Go" players on their guard and make them explore more, which is why the game was made in the first place. After all, Niantic designed "Pokemon Go" with the idea of players leaving their homes and socializing instead of staying at home all day long.

One "Pokemon Go" player revealed on Reddit his speculation that Niantic might not migrate nests, but even add more and increase the Pokemon spawn rate. However, others think that this is not likely since the game has been consistently changing and even with its minor updates, "Pokemon Go" always changes its nests. The only change that could happen would be one which would lead players to walk around and explore their areas even more.

iTech Post reports that while the most visible feature of the latest update on "Pokemon Go" was the buddy system, others have noted a significant change in nest locations. This update is very important for those who are working hard to evolve certain Pokemon, since catching them is the fastest way to earn candy and evolve. While that might make things a little harder, it is not all negative as it will just lead players to explore even more which is the mechanic, which "Pokemon Go" was built around.

It is, therefore, advised that pending the "Pokemon Go" update, players should already know where the respective nests are and as to what Pokemon they spawn. This is because the changes in the nests will not only reassign where they spawn, but also replace the Pokemon which they spawn. This, however, does not mean that a Pokemon will permanently disappear from where it has been found before; it only means that nests will be gone for an indefinite time.

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