‘Doom’ Latest News & Update: Third ‘Doom’ Free Update Now Live; Major Adjustments In Multiplayer, Several Fixes For Game

Sep 23, 2016 07:43 AM EDT | By V Doctor

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  • The new "Doom" update is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
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"Doom" recently received its third free update for all platforms, which provided some fixes in the campaign as well as adding new content to multiplayer. The new "Doom" update brought classic Deathmatch as well as private matches.

According to Id Software, the biggest additions in the new "Doom" update are for multiplayer. Players now have the option of going for a free-for-all multiplayer mode, called classic Deathmatch. Demon Runes are disabled in Deathmatch, but everything else remains the same. The third "Doom" update also provided support for private multiplayer matches, allowing players to create custom games, disable Demon Runes and customize maps, modes and match settings.

GameSpot reported that the "Doom" update also delivered fixes for animation issues, bugs, crashes and freezes, among others. Several fixes and optimizations were introduced in the campaign. The third "Doom" update fixed an issue where the Main Menu would freeze when players exit a Classic Map. It fixed an issue where turning the Classic Weapon Pose on during a weapon examination cut scene triggered a broken state. Issues with the Combat Shotgun Pop Rocket mod unable to track progress towards mastery and other instability issues were also addressed.

PlayStation Lifestyle wrote that in SnapMap, the new "Doom" update also provided more fixes and optimizations. The general stability was improved. There were no more memory drops in Undo and Redo. Weapon switch was given the proper key bindings. AI Path Points function properly when set to Sprint. Anonymous players are properly counted in the map play counts and a new setting, "Manage by AI Conductor," was added to the property settings of additional AI. Tweaks in Lost Souls, Armor, Powercore spawns and ammo were also introduced.

The "Doom" update further fixed a crash when reloading Security Switches checkpoint using Doom Classic Weapon Pose enabled in the Polar Core. Another issue where characters are shown in a broken state after drying and restarting the map in the next level was also addressed. The new "Doom" update is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In the meantime, Id Software is also holding a double XP weekend, from Sept. 23 to 26, 2016. More updates and details on the new "Doom" update are expected soon.

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