‘The 100’ Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Lindsey Morgan Explains Raven 2.0 Upgrade, Nuclear Apocalypse To End Division?

Sep 23, 2016 11:39 AM EDT | By Bernie Y.

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  • Can Raven handle the upgrade made by ALIE in "The 100" season 4?
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The ominous AI will be leaving its mark on Raven's mind come "The 100" season 4. While she is ultra-intelligent already, with ALIE's endless knowledge, Raven could be a power to reckon. In a recent interview, Lindsey Morgan further explained what this means to her character in the upcoming season.

Meet Raven 2.0

Lindsey Morgan sat down with Enstarz recently to talk about her character's role in the upcoming "The 100" season 4 during the DragonCon earlier this month. When asked to explain further Raven's new found intellect, she answered, "It's like an upgrade." She then went on to explain, "It's like when you get an upgrade on your phone and you like, 'Sh-t! Everything works so much better now!'" However, she finished off by saying that unexpected things happen in "The 100" season 4.

That being said, the report noted that an upgrade isn't exactly good news. Just like an iOS upgrade, sometimes there are glitches along the way. Fans will discover an upgraded Raven on "The 100" season 4 despite the near-death experience she had in the previous one. However, there might be glitches along the way. Lindsey Morgan further added that all the events that transpired in Raven's life will make her stronger mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Nuclear Apocalypse To Rid Factions? 

Fans are also expecting that the different factions will be dissolved when the nuclear apocalypse hits "The 100" season 4. Different divisions such as Sky People, Grounders and Ice Nation will not see the point being hostile to each other. Instead, some of them will make sure that they enjoy their remaining days on Earth. In fact, executive producer Jason Rothenberg teased that the characters will merrily sing along next season. There's a possibility that conflicts will be resolved knowing that their remaining days are numbered.

"The 100" season 4 will air on The CW this winter. Do you think Raven can handle the upgrade made by ALIE? Will there be reconciliation among the characters? Sound off your comments below. 

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