'Vikings' Season 4 Episode 11 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Lagertha New Lover Astrid Set To Become New Earl Of Hedeby?

Sep 23, 2016 09:45 AM EDT | By Belle Smith

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  • Will Astrid become the new leader of Hedeby after Lagertha in 'Vikings' Season 4 Episode 11?
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Fans are understandably excited about Lagertha's new lover Astrid, who is expected to debut in "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11. But is it possible that the character is more than just a hot new fling for the Earl Ingstad? Is Lagertha preparing Astrid to become another powerful female Viking warrior? Or will Astrid eventually take over as Earl of Hedeby when Lagertha becomes Queen of Kattegat?

'Vikings' Season 4 Episode 11 To Introduce Lagertha's New Lover Astrid! Will She Become Earl As Well?

The Comic-Con trailer for the second half of "Vikings" Season 4 offered a quick glimpse at Astrid, who is first shown kissing Lagertha. The woman is then seen behind the Earl Ingstad along with hundreds of shieldmaidens as they launch an attack on Kattegat. It certainly looks like Astrid will play a central role in "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11. But could she also become a powerful female ruler in the History series?

GamenGuide has previously reported about Astrid possibly being a major influence on Ragnar Lothbrok as well as his sons. Some fans believe that Lagertha will use her new lover to help her persuade Ragnar of Aslaug's evil plans. In addition to that, the Earl Ingstad might also be grooming Astrid to be a powerful figure in both Hedeby and Kattegat. There are speculations that Lagertha might eventually choose Astrid as the new Earl of Hedeby when she takes over Kattegat after "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11.

There is little doubt that Lagertha and Aslaug will go head to head when the back half of "Vikings" Season 4 premieres on November 30. Fans can also expect to see Astrid getting into the action and hopefully amp up the girl power in the series.

Do you think Lagertha will make her lover Astrid the new Earl of Hedeby in "Vikings" Season 4 Episode 11? Let us know in the comments.

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